How our story began...

We (Lori and Randy Grace) have lived in Oxford for over 17 years. The Maroon Hornet began as a dream of ours by venturing out and trying something new with a business of our own. We knew there needed to be something different and fun for all ages to enjoy in downtown Oxford.

Randy was always a comic book guy, having been an avid reader from childhood. He would spend time with his kids at another comic book shop and saw the same demographic there as in Oxford and, -đŸ’¡- Why not a Comic Book shop in our little town?

The Maroon Hornet’s name came to be from the local high school being the Oxford Hornets, with their colors being maroon and white. We thought it would help younger ones to get back to reading and not spending as much time playing video games or on their phones.

It would be a place for families to come and enjoy game nights with friends and to make new friends.

It would bring back to the adults a slice of their childhood that they can share and bond with their kids.

It would be a social gathering spot for people who had the same interests.

The stories are timeless

Batman, Spider-Man, Star Wars and more – that bridge the generation gap, allowing Moms and Dads alike to find common ground with their young adults.

Along with family games, including Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering and Warhammer.

It was these thoughts that we have been able to bring to life and have enjoyed every day since opening day on First Friday in October 2016.

Through the support of our customers, we have been voted the Best Comic Book Shop the last 6 years in Chester County by the Daily Local News.

The relationships we have forged since our doors opened are irreplaceable and they hope to forge many more in the years to come.